Individual advice by experts

Specialization is the foundation for sound and above all successful legal advice. We therefore attach particular importance to our Practice Groups, whose nominated contacts you can get in touch with as an initial point of contact at any time. In complex projects, such as company acquisition, we form teams comprising colleagues from each of the legal fields involved.

Specialization has to be lived and breathed. From the very beginning of their careers, all young colleagues are assigned to a Practice Group. There they work mainly on mandates reflecting their chosen specialist field. They regulary attend specialist seminars with the objective of being able to look after clients in their field of advice independently. Many of the Practice Group contacts are acknowledged and sought-after experts in their field. They publish articles, give talks and are the guarantors of our high quality of advice.

Here you will find a brief description of our practice areas, which will give you an initial insight into our practice. If you are interested in further information please contact our experts listed under "Professionals".