Our Commercial & Competition Practice Group is subdivided into the areas of general commercial law and competition and antitrust law. The area ‘general commercial law’ includes trade and marketing law as well as the special fields of advising on funds and the energy industry.

Our advisory services are focused mainly in the areas of:

  • Trade and marketing law: general terms and conditions of business, trade agreements, concessionary agreements and other distribution agreements, compensation claims, cooperations and joint ventures, implementation of franchise systems, commission transactions
  • Advising on investment funds, including developing concepts for funds, creating prospectuses, assistance in obtaining approval from authority and the auditing of prospectuses, legal expert opinions, accompanying advisement of investment companies, representation in legal disputes with investors and other involved parties
  • Energy industry: drafting and negotiation of energy and media supply agreements; right of access to networks and right of third party access; advising in the area of energy law, the environmental law and the renewable energy law
  • Competition law: design and advising in sales, advertising, and other marketing activities, the prosecution and prevention of anti-competitive conduct, protection and defence of company and trade secrets and other know-how; extrajudicial proceedings (e.g. warning letters, cease-and-desist orders) and proceedings before the courts (e.g. temporary relief, protective letters, final declarations, etc.)