The lawyers at HEUSSEN do not only litigate in court, but they also offer alternative dispute resolution and representation in arbitration proceedings as an alternative to litigation.

Litigation: You will be assisted by lawyers with many years of litigation experience from all of our Practice Groups. We attach particular importance to diligently preparing the facts of the case and carefully analysing the legal situation so that we have a sound basis upon which to both assess the chances of succeeding in court and to demonstrate alternative steps. We mainly act on disputes governed by company or contract law, therein disputes between shareholders, disputes concerning the liability of the Executive Board or Supervisory Board and disputes involving employment, construction, landlord & tenant or competition law. 

Some professionals of the office are specialized in tax litigation.

For many years we have also operated a debt collection management and judgment enforcement department, which collects debts on behalf of our clients quickly and with a high success rate.

Commercial Mediation: Our colleagues who specialise in commercial mediation were instrumental in the introduction of this alternative dispute resolution method in Germany. They are continously acting as mediators in commercial disputes.

Arbitration: We represent our clients in arbitration proceedings and in so doing provide them with our experience and know-how. In commerce, arbitration is a recognised alternative to the jurisdiction of the state courts. It follows special provisions of the Italian Civil Procedure Code and/or various rules of arbitration of national or international arbitration organisations. Particularly in commercial disputes the confidentiality of arbitration proceedings is preferable to the openness of court proceedings. Also, specialists who are knowledgeable in the subject matter can be appointed as arbitrators, who can arrive at a proper and appropriate decision based on the complex and technically difficult facts of the case.